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L’apprenti.e 3 EN • Frame and panel furniture

Building furniture with door and drawer

This course’s objective is to consolidate all the basic knowledge seen in the two first machine tool class. You will also learn how to make laminated solid wood panels, i.e. several boards of wood glued together to create a single large section.

In addition, for the first time, you will explore the integration of mobile components (door and drawer) using the appropriate hardware. In order to put the concepts taught into practice, each person will make their own frame and panel furniture with a door and a drawer.

Practical course

  • Presentations and demonstrations by the teacher
  • Technical exercises and making of an object/piece of furniture by the participants


Prerequisites for the course

Advanced course – Prerequisites : L’apprenti.e 1 AND L’apprenti.e 2 or equivalent knowledge

Number of sessions

4 sessions

Training duration

32 hours


825 $ + txs

Group 1

Saturdays May 4th, 11th and 25th and June 1st 2024, 8 Am To 5 PM

Course plan

Equipment used
  • Jointer
  • Planer
  • Table saw
  • Miter saw
  • Sliding table saw
  • Routers (table router, handheld router and trimmer)
  • Mortise machine
  • Plate joiner and DOMINO joining machine
  • Hand drills
  • Sanding machines
  • Palm sander and belt sander
Techniques taught
  • Woodworking fundamentals
  • Working with tools and safety
  • Planning a woodworking project
  • Making and installing mobile components such as doors and drawers
  • Working with rough lumber
  • Making tenon and mortise, tongue and groove and miter joints
  • Working with wood panels
  • Making miter joints, biscuit joints and rabbet joints on wood panels
  • Cutting curved edges
  • Moldings
  • Gluing and cutting edge banding
  • Machine and hand sanding
  • Gluing
  • Pilot holes, couter sink and chambered holes for hardware specific to doors, drawers and laminations
  • Finish sanding
Materials and equipment provided
  • Materials and tools needed to carry out exercises and/or projects
  • Course notebook
  • If necessary, loan of hearing protectors and safety glasses
Equipment to bring

If you have one, you can bring:

  • a dust mask
  • hearing protectors
  • safety glasses
  • safety shoes

Schedule for the frame and panel furniture course

Day 1
  • Presentations, course objectives and project
  • Woodworking fundamentals & workshop safety
  • Wood lamination fundamentals
  • Reminder on jointer, planer, table saw, miter saw and sliding table saw
  • First steps making the frame
  • Reminder on mortise machine and handheld router
  • Making joints for the frame​
Day 2
  • Frame door fundamentals
  • Making the door components and joints
  • Making the tongue and grooves for the frame
  • Cutting the pieces for the wood laminations
  • Cutting the panels for the frame and door​
Day 3
  • Drawer fundamentals
  • Cutting the drawer components and making the joints
  • Presanding and gluing the drawer
  • Installation of hardware for drawers
  • Presanding and gluing the door
  • Making the drawer and door handles​
Day 4
  • Cutting the final shapes on the frame
  • Cutting the moldings
  • Presanding and gluing the frame
  • Installation of hardware for doors
  • Cutting and installing wood cleats
  • Final assembly of the drawer, door and top​

Woodworking training programs

This course is part of a program bringing together a series of courses that allow progressive and in-depth learning of cabinetmaking techniques.


Unless otherwise specified, ÉÉAM general public courses are only open to people 18 years of age and older.

As openness and inclusion are essential values for the ÉÉAM, the school strives to accommodate everyone who is interested in cabinetmaking. If you live with a functional limitation and have questions regarding your ability to attend training, please contact us to discuss.