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Le coffret EN • Dovetails using hand tools

Introduction to hand tools

This class introduces you to the main hand tools used for woodworking. You will learn how to properly use chisels and different types of planes to make beautiful traditional wood joinery, dovetails.

You will also see some tips and tricks and essential safety notions. In order to put these notions to use, each participant will hand-make his own cherry box.

Practical course

  • Presentations and demonstrations by the teacher
  • Technical exercises and making of an object/piece of furniture by the participants


Prerequisites for the course

Beginner course – No prerequisites

Number of sessions

2 sessions

Training duration

12 hours


290 $ + txs

Group 1

Saturdays December 2nd and 9th 2023, 9 AM To 4 PM

Group 2

Saturdays February 24th and March 2nd 2024, 9 AM To 4 PM

Course plan

Equipment used
  • Tracing tools (squares, marking gauge, marking knife, etc.)
  • Hand saws (Gent’s saw, japanese saws, fret saw, flush-cutting saw)
  • Chisels and mallet
  • Planes (#4 bench plane, block plane, router plane, shoulder plane)
  • Palm sander (random orbit)
Techniques taught
  • Woodworking fundamentals
  • Working with tools and safety
  • Planning a woodworking project
  • Tracing traditional jonery
  • Using different types of saws
  • Finishing dovetail joinery with chisels
  • Using different types of planes
  • Making grooves and rabbet joints with handtools
  • Machine and hand sanding
  • Gluing
  • Finish sanding
Materials and equipment provided
  • Materials and tools needed to carry out exercises and/or projects
  • Course notebook
  • If necessary, loan of hearing protectors and safety glasses
Equipment to bring

If you have one, you can bring:

  • a dust mask
  • hearing protectors
  • safety glasses
  • safety shoes

Schedule for the introduction to hand tools course

Day 1
  • Presentations, course objectives and project
  • Woodworking fundamentals & workshop safety
  • Presentation, demonstration & practice using tracing tools, saws and chisels
  • Making tails for dovetail joints
  • Making pins for dovetail joints
  • Presentation, demonstration and practice using planes
Day 2
  • Making grooves and rabbet joints with different planes
  • Planing parts to final dimensions and final adjustments
  • Presanding interior parts
  • Gluing the box
  • Finish sanding
  • Personalization of cover


Unless otherwise specified, ÉÉAM general public courses are only open to people 18 years of age and older.

As openness and inclusion are essential values for the ÉÉAM, the school strives to accommodate everyone who is interested in cabinetmaking. If you live with a functional limitation and have questions regarding your ability to attend training, please contact us to discuss.